15 Year Old Hits 36M Views With “Unstoppable” Ice Dance Performance


Pioneering Technical Skills in Women’s Skating

Alexandra «Sasha» Trusova is celebrated for her groundbreaking contributions to the technical advancements in women’s figure skating. Traditionally, complex quadruple jumps were a hallmark of men’s routines, while women often refrained from such elements—not due to a lack of capability, but because of societal norms regarding what was deemed «appropriate» for female skaters.

Breaking Barriers and Changing Perceptions

Women’s figure skating has undergone significant transformations over the years. For example, American skater Theresa Weld once faced criticism for performing a single salchow jump—not for its technical difficulty, but because her skirt momentarily rose above her knees, which was considered too provocative at the time. Today, jumps are a fundamental part of women’s figure skating, illustrating how perceptions and standards have evolved dramatically.

Witness the remarkable skill and grace of Alexandra Trusova in her inspiring performance by watching the video below.



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