Free Energy Generator by Using Magnets With Bolt 100% Science Experiment At home


The concept of “Free Energy” refers to the hypothetical idea of generating usable energy without the need for any input energy or fuel. However, according to the laws of thermodynamics, it is impossible to create a perpetual motion machine or a system that generates energy indefinitely without any external input.

There are many pseudoscientific claims and scams that promote the idea of free energy, often involving devices that supposedly produce more energy than they consume. However, such claims are scientifically unfounded and violate the fundamental laws of physics.

In reality, all energy sources require some form of input energy, whether it is solar radiation, chemical energy from fuels, or kinetic energy from wind or water. While it is possible to develop more efficient and sustainable energy sources, there is no such thing as “free energy” in the sense of unlimited and perpetual energy generation without any input or cost.

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