You will watch this couple’s fancy footwork dance on repeat


His legs are so entertaining to see that I believe they are made of rubber.
As time goes on, new dance forms are always developing. And now that we have entered a brand new decade, who knows which ones are still to come?

However, this does not imply that previous fashions must go out of style simply because new ones have emerged.

At the USA Grand National Dance Championship, two dancers with extensive experience in the Carolina Shag, Jay Rollins and Tobitha Stewart, lit up the dance floor with their signature techniques.

Prepare to experience a time-travel sensation. The amazing Shag dancers, Jay and Tobitha, are captivating to watch!
The pairs instantly launch into their intricate footwork in front of the judges and audience as soon as the music starts. Together, they move as effortlessly as silk and occasionally appear to be made of air.

A viewer by the name of Catherine wrote:

«OMG, are those rubber on his legs? I’ve never heard of this dance called the SHAG before, much less seen it done so brilliantly.

The Shag is famous for having its beginnings on the beaches of South Carolina, where it first gained popularity among younger people in the 1940s.
Southern Living reports that the Carolina Shag has been compared to a «cold beer on a warm night with a hot date and no plans for tomorrow.»

It is an enthusiastic dance that is still performed as part of Southern culture and is frequently seen in national dance contests. The website Discover South Carolina explains:

Anyone can do the Shag, whether they are six or 96 years old, which is one of the reasons it is so well-liked. It eliminates barriers and unites everyone for the sole purpose of enjoying the music and having fun.

All eyes were on Jay Rollins and Tobitha Stewart during their act at the Dance Championship. It comes as no surprise that they have each accomplished a lot in the dance industry throughout the years.
One noteworthy success is that Tobitha and her husband Ashley were accepted into the National Living Legends of Dance in 2015, and Jay earned the same award in 2018. In North Carolina, they are both Shag dance teachers.

Watching the pair’s talents on the dance floor makes it clear how devoted they are to dance.
They glide and whirl gracefully as a pair, beaming broad grins on their cheeks the entire time. Buddy Skipper And The Code Blues Band’s «Boogie The Joint» is playing in the background.

On that particular day of the tournament, the couples not only won the title of Master Shag Champions, but their YouTube performance also received over 968,000 views.

«The shag is comparable to the East and West Coast Swing, and my husband and I used to country dance. Additionally, we went to the dancing contests. These dancers are really graceful. You must coordinate your movements during partner dancing. They certainly were. I observed their feet, and they are excellent.

Peggy wrote this after seeing the video:

«What a joy to watch; thank you for sharing and demonstrating.»

It’s a lively dance routine that can make you want to learn how to do the Shag yourself. Press the play button to see why Jay and Tobitha won first place.

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