ANGELIC Dance Audition brings crowd to TEARS!


The British record executive rushed the stage more than once as the blind Indonesian teenager sang.

Putri, 17, took the stage during Tuesday’s all-new episode of America’s Got Talent to perform an original song.

With the help of her father, she sat behind a piano to play and sing.

The judges and audience were very quickly impressed with her abilities.

She got a standing ovation from the audience, many of whom were in tears already.

Simon, 63, surprised co-judges Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara as he suddenly hopped up from his seat just as Putri’s song was coming to an end.

He approached the singer and her father, who had also rushed to her side, to make an unusual request: he wanted to hear another song.

Purti agreed and wowed viewers again with another song.

At that point, the audience was beside themselves.

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