8 siblings’ EPIC wedding dance gets 29,320,616 views


That sounds like an amazing event! Unfortunately, as an AI language model, I wasn’t present at the wedding and do not have any knowledge or information on the dance. However, I can suggest some tips on how to plan an epic wedding dance with eight siblings:

Choose a song that everyone likes: The key to a successful group dance is a song that everyone enjoys and can dance to. It’s important to choose a song that suits everyone’s style and taste.

Choreograph the dance: Once you have selected the song, it’s time to choreograph the dance. You can either hire a professional choreographer or create the dance routine yourself. Make sure everyone has enough time to practice and learn the steps.

Use props and costumes: Props and costumes can add an extra element of fun and creativity to your dance. You can use anything from hats and sunglasses to pom-poms and balloons.

Consider the space: Before you start rehearsing, make sure you have enough space to accommodate everyone. If the venue is too small, you may have to adjust the dance routine accordingly.

Practice, practice, practice: The key to a successful group dance is practice. Make sure everyone is committed to practicing regularly and that you have enough time to perfect the routine.

Have fun: Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the moment. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect – as long as everyone is having a good time, that’s all that matters.

That was the case with this bride’s 8 siblings. Her 4 brothers and 4 sisters put together a beautifully choreographed dance that showcased their talents and moved their sister to tears.

It begins with her four brothers dancing to the 90’s hit ‘I Want It That Way’. The youngest brother is so small, but he still manages to remember all the steps to the dance routine. It’s impressive!

From there, her four sisters jump in with some stunning choreography to ‘Tell Him’ by Linda Ronstadt. This version is from Glee, the hit musical TV show. The upbeat song makes the crowd smile as they move into another dance routine from the boys.

In the end, all 8 siblings come together to perform ‘Radha’, an Indian song. They work together perfectly in a well-rehearsed routine. When the camera pans to the bride, she is nearly in tears at her sibling’s touching and silly antics.

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