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“Get ready to hold onto your Whoville hats, folks, because the Grinch is back and more heart-warming than ever! Jim Carrey, the legendary actor who stole our hearts as the grumpy green Grinch, has had a change of heart and is returning to the iconic role!

Credit: Universal Pictures

Despite rumors of grueling makeup sessions and set delays, Carrey is ready to bring the Grinch to life once again.

Below in an interview Carrey describes the process of getting into costume.

Credit: Universal Pictures

Oscar-winning director Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are joining forces to bring this timeless tale to life, with Carrey bringing his signature humor and antics to the role.

Little Cindy Lou Who, played by Taylor Momsen, is on a mission to uncover the true meaning of Christmas and turns the Grinch’s world upside down.

Credit: Universal Pictures

This exciting sequel is a turnaround for Carrey, who previously stated he wasn’t interested in sequels, but he’s ready to step back into the Grinch’s shoes and bring even more magic to the screen.

Get ready to laugh and feel your heart grow three sizes, as the Grinch returns in a sequel that’s sure to be a Christmas classic.”

Credit: Universal Pictures

We are still waiting for official word from Universal Pictures of this exciting news! Are you excited that Jim Carrey will be returning for The Grinch 2?

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