10-year-old boy turns every chair on ‘The Voice’ with nostalgic 1973 Bob Dylan cover


In this 3-minute movie, a pure musical talent reminds us what excellent music is. The little youngster sang an eerie version of Guns n’ Roses’ «Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.»

During a blind audition for the voice kids, Arthur stands in the middle of the stage, ready to amaze us. «Uh-huh,» Arthur said, clicking his drumsticks.

The guitarist’s notes could be heard in the background. Arthur sang his heart out while holding the microphone with both hands. The first phrase was spoken softly by him.

As the drummer started to play delicate rhythms, Arthur hit the strings of his acoustic guitar. The beat of the music band was powerful, sweeping over the stage like ripples in calm water.

Arthur’s harmonics persuaded a judge in the corner to click the button. The remaining judges sat and waited. Arthur’s voice was fantastic, forcing them to click their buttons one by one.

Loulou, Arthur’s mother, was backstage vouching fully for her son. Loulou fell into tears as the judges turned their attention to Arthur, signifying that the kid had progressed in the talent event.

It was a joyous occasion for Loulou. She covered her face with her hands. As the song came to a great end, both the judges and the crowd kept praising Arthur.

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