9-Year-Old Draws Huge Crowd Playing Awesome Boogie Woogie Jingle Bells


9-Year-Old Draws Huge Crowd Playing Awesome Boogie Woogie Jingle Bells. OLIVIER Plays Awesome Boogie Woogie Jingle Bells.

“OLIVIER” is the stage name of a teenage artist from the United Kingdom who has a number of videos that have gone popular on YouTube. The films of him performing on public pianos in several railway stations throughout London have received the most views.

The amazing young man played a boogie-woogie version of “Jingle Bells” at one of his public piano concerts, and it was so captivating that the whole train station stopped to watch him play. The boogie woogie icon Brendan Kavanagh is going to be joining us for this public concert, which is going to make it even more memorable.

One of the films he uploaded to YouTube that has received the most views was recorded when he was playing a piano in a public space in a London subway station. “OLIVIER” was just 9 years old when he sat down on a public piano looking dapper in a sharp suit, tie, and bowl cut haircut. He started off by playing a couple of notes, and then he launched into some quite excellent boogie-woogie.

This is not OLIVIER’s first time performing in front of an audience. In the young age of eight, he performed at St. Pancras station alongside the famous pianist Brendan Kavanagh. In all seriousness, Brendan sat OLIVIER down and instructed him in some of the boogie-woogie, which OLIVIER is now quite skilled at.

Because the youngster’s abilities are so remarkable, whenever he plays a public piano, he appears to attract a huge crowd and generate a new video that becomes viral on the internet.

Since his instruction from one of the boggie-woogie genre’s gurus, OLIVIER has truly taken to playing the style as if it were second nature to him. He has even met a second boogie woogie icon by the name of “Terry Miles,” who participated in one of his public piano concerts.

Terry immediately steps in to give the melody lines, while OLIVIER takes care of the beat and bounce that Brendan instructed him to play. It would appear that the public piano and boogie-woogie music scene in London is in the process of grooming a future kid star in front of our own eyes.

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