At the age of 7 they were recognized as the most beautiful twins in the world. How Do They Look Three Years Later?


Twin girls, Ava and Lea Clements, were born on July 7, 2010 in California. As for all parents, their children are the most, and for Kevin and Jackie, the girls were real beauties.

But as it turned out, not only they thought so. Many people around them, including complete strangers, paid them many compliments and admired their appearance.

However, the girls had someone to be born into so beautiful. Their dad, Kevin, is a tall, fit man with dark hair, he has been working as a swimming coach for quite a long time, and even received awards. And the girls’ mother, Jaki, is the owner of beautiful, regular facial features and simply unearthly green eyes.

The girls took all the best from their parents. By the way, there is an older brother in the family — Chase, he is 12 years old. And he is also distinguished by his cute appearance.

All relatives and friends of the family constantly told parents that the babies should be given to a modeling agency. But Jaki was in no hurry with this, she always replied that they would grow up, let them decide for themselves.

And when Ava and Leia turned 7 years old, mom talked to them about a modeling career.

«It didn’t surprise me at all that they literally jumped for joy,» she says.

After all, girls have been distinguished by artistry almost from birth, they like to be the center of attention. The twins’ brother did not stay away, he also expressed a desire to be a model. Now they all successfully participate in various filming and screenings together.

Jaki started a social media account for the girls. And it turned out that her daughters have a lot of fans and fans, more than a million people have subscribed to their page. At the moment, parents want to create their own, family brand, but what they will produce is still a mystery, but there will definitely be a gemini sign in the logo.

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