Find the odd one out in 8 seconds. Are you quick enough?


Optical illusions are stimulating and fun way to make your critical thinking skills better.

These seek and find puzzles require you to analyse images carefully, identify patterns, and think in a creative way to find hidden objects.

Try this seek and find puzzle now, If you are looking to sharpen your observation skills.

You have 8 seconds to find the hidden number.Observe the image in careful way.
Take another look at the image; you might be on the verge of locating the hidden number.

Time has gone.Stop looking right now. Most of you have already probably seen the hidden number.

Check out the solution which is provided below.Find the odd Number in 9 Seconds — Solution.

The odd hidden number can be located on the left side of the image. It is marked with a red circle for you to be easy to identify.

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