A 68 year old woman sang an old hit so the judges jumped out of their seats


Today, we shine a spotlight on Jenny Darren, the remarkable talent who graced the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, leaving judges and music enthusiasts alike astounded. At 68 years young, Jenny defied expectations by belting out the iconic rock anthem «Highway To Hell» by AC/DC, a performance that reverberated across the Internet, earning her widespread acclaim.

Jenny’s affinity for rock music runs deep, rooted in her upbringing and nurtured from a young age. Immersed in the sounds of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Lynne since the tender age of 12, she developed a profound connection to the genre. While her background spans genres ranging from academic to pop music, it’s her passion for rock that truly sets her apart.


Indeed, music is a dynamic art form, constantly evolving and reflecting the reality of human experience through sound. Vocal art, in particular, stands as the oldest form of musical expression, harnessing the power of the human voice to convey emotion and meaning. From solo performances to ensemble renditions, singing encompasses a spectrum of styles and techniques, from folk to academic to pop.

Within the realm of vocal performance, nuances abound, with singers exploring various timbres and ranges to convey their artistic vision. Female voices soar as sopranos or resonate as mezzo-sopranos, while their male counterparts command attention as tenors, baritones, or basses.

Whether accompanied by instruments or sung a cappella, with lyrics or through vocalise, singing transcends boundaries, captivating audiences with its emotive power and expressive depth. And in Jenny Darren, we find not just a singer, but a true rock icon whose timeless performance continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

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