Keith Urban Couldn’t Hold Back Tears By Kelly Clarkson’s Emotional Performance


Emotions were running high on the live show of American Idol Season 15’s farewell, as Kelly Clarkson couldn’t hold back tears during her unforgettable performance.

The first ever winner of the show, Kelly, had the honor of singing one of her most beautiful and emotional songs, “Piece by Piece.” The singer wrote heartfelt lyrics to her father, who abandoned hí family when she was just six left a lasting impact. Keith Urban couldn’t hide his emotions, tears streaming down his cheeks, as she poured her heart into the song.

Though she missed a few of the lines, she shed tears on stage, eliciting a heartfelt response from both the Idol judges and the audience as she performed on the show where it all began. Her incredible performance had an undeniable impact as tears dropped on the faces of everyone in the room. You can catch the emotional performance in the video below.

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