The little girl who sang «Kukushka» in «The Voice» project blew up the Internet. Jury ran to the stage and hugged her


As time unfurled its tapestry, her odyssey morphed into a symphony of transformation, sculpting her from a mesmerizing ingénue whose melodies stirred countless souls, into a seasoned virtuoso of the stage.

Navigating the labyrinth of adolescence, her ardor for music swelled with each passing year. The innocent refrains that once danced from her lips metamorphosed into a mellifluous cadence, imbued with the myriad hues of life’s tapestry. The world, entranced, bore witness to the blossoming of a once reticent girl into a luminary not only of music but also of her own life’s saga.


Her metamorphosis transcends the confines of mere melody, unfolding as an epic saga of personal evolution, fortitude, and self-discovery. The stage, once a daunting precipice, now stands as her sacred sanctum, a canvas upon which she paints her soul’s symphony with resolute grace. The erstwhile songbird, whose tune was but a «Cuckoo,» has unearthed not only the resplendence of her voice but also the indomitable spirit that resides within.



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